Scient Capital is a specialist alternate asset management firm. We use smart research and innovative structuring to create unique investment products that deliver high returns having low correlation with listed equity and debt. We target domains that have temporarily supernormal returns due to institutional constraints, market inefficiencies or structural factors.



Mid yield Portfolio investing in fixed income securities rated “AA” to “BB” with target IRR of 15% - 17%


High Yield Portfolio investing in structured finance transaction targeting IRR of 18% - 20%


Multi Asset Portfolio aimed at providing diversification by investing across asset classes with a tactical macro overlay

Special Situation Structured Products

Yield products in niche sectors like renewable energy, plantations which connect the sources of capital with its users

About Us

Board of Directors

Scient is backed by marquee individuals with stellar academic and professional track records. Its Board of Directors includes 2 graduates from IIT Bombay, 2 MBAs from IIM Ahmedabad and 2 PhDs from MIT, Boston.

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Management Team

The Investment Management Team has a collective track record of over 50 years in the financial services industry across high yield debt, equity fundraising and portfolio management.

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Investment Philosophy

Smart research and innovative structuring to create unique investment products with high returns and low correlation with listed equity and debt.

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Risk Management

Robust processes to ensure that risk is constantly monitored and mitigated / managed.

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To be an innovative alternate asset management company, focusing on creating niche products in emerging asset classes.


To deliver superior risk-adjusted returns while adding significant diversification to Indian and Overseas investors’ portfolios.